[scrufytam] HeartSupport Charity World Tour Day 3 | Chile' Bush Flight | Monday 1300zulu

As we continue our charity world tour week for HeartSupport, a charity focused on mental well being, however that looks for an individual, we will be doing a bush flight in the Southern tip of Chile’.

Whether it’s addiction, questioning life, or any other issue we face, Heart Support is there for you!

This flight will take us through a scenic tour of the mountains on the Western tip of South America, focusing on Chile’. I look forward to you joining me as we discover our world.


Aircraft: KitFox

Total Miles: 323.9nm

Flight Path: SkyVector: Flight Planning / Aeronautical Charts

Flight .pln files are located in my Discord: Discord

.pln direct download: Connecting...

What is HeartSupport: https://heartsupport.com/

Watch Live: