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Hi Everyone.

Just a couple of months after launching the public forums, we have seen some amazing discussions in our old Self Service SDK Discussions category. After listening to feedback from community members, and internal discussions we decided to create the new SDK category with dedicated subcategories for specific specialities within the SDK.

To keep things clean, the old SDK Discussion category has been archived here. This means you cannot create, edit, or like posts and you cannot move posts out of this category.

If you wish to continue the discussion of an archived topic, reply to this topic with the following information:

  • A link to the archived topic
  • The name of the category it should be moved to - You can link to categories by using a # and typing the category name, for example, #sdk-discussion:liveries

Once you post here a moderator will assist you. Please keep this thread of discussions, all off-topic posts will be deleted.

Can you please tell me where this thread is at:

Evidently, that topic has been deleted and I’m not sure why. I’ll need to double-check with the person who deleted it before I can restore it and move it to #sdk-discussion:airports.

Any update on this?

Not as of yet, should have an awnser tomorrow.

The topic has been restored and moved: Problem getting Taxi Ribbon mod from Asobo_UI.BGL patch working as mod in community folder

Thank you.

SDK 0.10.0 Nothing but pronlems with dupplicates XML compiler problems