SDK documentation of new (engine?/)propeller support?

I need to update my motor-glider to use the new ‘Update 8’ MSFS propeller support, but haven’t found relevant info in the online SDK docs that matches anything in the ‘Update 8’ Cessna 152 / Beechcraft 350.

For example, the Cessna 152 now has a slew of parameters beginning prop_mod_... including prop_mod_use_modern = 1, but there is no reference to any of these in the SDK docs.

Anyone found any relevant info anywhere?

Anyone aware of Update 8 changes to the actual Engine support, which is equally important to get the prop to behave sensibly? E.g. the engine friction was impossible to get right pre-update-8 (you have to stop the engine in flight to test this, which is a niche hobby).

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From Asobo ( Mid Feb, 2022) ref prop_mod documentation

The new documentation for SU8 is being prepared. We will let you know as soon as it’s available.


All the new params are documented in the propellor section of the updated docs:

NOTE! You may need to do a hard cache clear on the browser, as the docs have been heavily modified with this release and conflict with any cached files.