SDK Idea: pushback paths for automated pushbacks following predetermined track

While I am creating an airport that got left out, I noticed on the apron several lines indicating pushback tracks. Would it be an idea to have the SDK implement pushback waypoints and path so when the user requests pushback, the aircraft is pushed back along this predetermined path and stopped at where it needs to stop.

This prevents the hard to use pushback over radio, which doesn’t happen in reality anyway, for a more immersive feeling for your custom airports. Of course, when a pushback path is set for the parking spot, the pilots will have no options to steer the craft and just have to wait or cancel pushback.

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I’d post this on the wishlist forum as well. Great idea. i’m sure you will get a few votes for this. Pushback in its current form is not realistic.

I’m not sure why you cant steer the aircraft with the tiller wheel and select external view when being pushed back

Oh I haven’t seen the wishlist section before but I moved this thread to the wishlist section now so you can give it a vote! ^^

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Good idea, was surprised this wasn’t implemented!

For FSX/P3D, GSX could provide exactly this functionality, including user created custom pushback paths for each individual gate. I’m not sure if or when they plan on releasing GSX for MSFS though.

Hello @Ocgineer , thank you for your request!
All SDK wishlist items should be posted on the DevSupport Forums as is requested by the SDK team.