SDK not compiling

Hi all.
Whenever I try to compile a scenery project, all I get is BGL files.
The only difference between me and the YouTubers, is that I don’t have an OutputDir input in the New Project pop up.
Can somebody please help?

I have problems too with the scenery compiler. Yesterday, my script to compile a building and place it on the scenery was working ok, but since today’s update it doesn’t work, even another old script that I have finished doesn’t works either, I got no scenery generated at all.
I put back the old MSDK version and didn’t help either…something has change in the core of the simulator I guess… a BUG???

It never worked for me!

Ignis555 & elgalopino

Been having same issues since update also. Have tried complete reinstall, still a few issues.

@Ignis555 what your saying about OutputDir when compiling scenery project…In project editor select BGL and open in Inspector. Set the Asset Dir to Packagesources/scene and for the OutPutDir…Scenery/Global\Scenery

Hope this helps…new to it myself.


Can’t try it right now, but thank you @OxtailPepper665

where would I find the PackageSource/Scene for the Asset Dir and Scenery/Global/Scenery for the OutPutDir

@ Googliman

If you haven’t already created a MyProjects Folder , they are found within that, if not, open location of your SDK installation, my installation by default is located…C:\MSFS SDK

To install the latter (SDK), some are saying it reverts back to ver. 00.10…0., as I have had a few issues editing directories, but here’s hoping on new installation.

First insure you have Dev. Mode enabled. Go to your options Tab in MSFS, and select Dev. Mode is ‘ON’. Close out to welcome screen. You’ll notice a Tab bar at top left, select help, and select SDK Installer. This will open your browser (EDGE/CHROME) and automatically download Ver. once done, install to root of C:\

From there go to the samples for what you are attempting, in my case Scenery…

C:\MSFS SDK\Samples\SimpleScenery

Copy and paste the the two directories and .xml (PackageDefinations, PackageSources, Scenery Porject.xml) to your MyDocuments folder. You’ll find the directories you require within these.

There are many helpfull videos on Youtube outlining steps from there.

Hope this helped.

thanks for the help