SDK Problem

Hello: I have been attempting to create simple POI’s. Nothing fancy, just POI’s. Yes, I have the latest SDK version installed as well as all MSFS updates. I have watched several YouTube videos on how to create POI’s. It seems, however that these videos are using an earlier version of the SDK since, as I try to follow along (carefully), they have slightly different screens and I reach a point at which I can no longer copy their steps. Can anyone direct me to a current video or tutorial using the latest SDK? The authors of these videos do a good job of explaining the process. It’s just that I reach a roadblock and can no longer continue. Any referral or assistance will be welcome. Many thanks!

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You should really link the videos you are watching/make screenshot of where you are stuck at

The POI’s are as easy as they can be,
In the Scenery Editors add a LandmarkLocation, select POI, give it a name, end of the story

The docu has everything you need to know

If you are stuck in some other part of the process (like creating the Project, compiling, copying into community)
Please elaborate more and will solve :smile: