Seafront's Global Shipping on Xbox

the problem is they don’t know which products you bought for the credits.

I refunded a product months ago and got the money back from MS.
But I still have that product as owned in MSFS. They did not revert the product from my account.
I could install it if I wanted to.

The Payment department at MS has no clue what you buy for your credits…

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Trading standards need to be informed. I and you still purchased from their store in a game endorsed by MS, so it does not matter it is called consumer rights.

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If that s true, how do they know what to pay out to their 3rd party develpers. They must keep a track of what is sold? I get an email in frmo M/S billign when I buy something that tells me what I bought. I do have a CC registered to my MS account though.

Can you put out this refund stuff to an extra thread ? i like to be informend when the issue with the add on is be fixed.

please see my post on consumer rights (UK) for digital products (above)

There is a thread elsewhere on that that they are updating.

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How do they pay the 3rd party devs for what people have bought if they can’t track what is sold?

but you can also open a thread in general about consumer rights… here it is about Seafront Global Shipping

I had the same thing happen, but don’t use the product because I shouldn’t own it. Instead of fixing the issue, they just now refuse refunds for any reason.

I don’t see a purpose for the flight sim credits other than assuring you can’t get a refund from steam or the MS store. You can’t ever own them, gift them, or more importantly be offered them as store credit in a situation where a product doesn’t work as described.

You’re right. I think it could be a matter for Trading Standards here in the UK.

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It’s tracked at the in game store. Think of it if you buy a gift card for a retailer at your local supermarket. They don’t know what you actually bought at the retailer. And no way they will refund you back if you didn’t like the shirt you bought for example. The retailer needs to refund you. In this case the retailer is Asobo/MS flight sim.

Except there is no gift card with a value - Just a mask of the actual goods being purchased to the person who swipes the credit card.

Not sure I can get my head around all that, but it’s certainly convoluted. I read an article on MS gift cards/codes a while back and it’s big business. Even bigger when people don’t redeem them after getting them as gifts(which happens a fair bit apparently). I really don’t get the virtual credits part though I mean they use my CC to buy enough credits to buy the item from their store. Yet the price is always listed in std local currencies. To me it’s bonkers.

Yeah, but you are talking about MS store/live subscription/game pass subscription gift cards. These can be found at a local store or bought digitally and a redeem code sent via email.

There is no such thing for flight sim credits or whatever they are called. They only seem to be used to encrypt your product purchase from the point of sale.

Hello everyone,

If you are experiencing issues with this addon on Xbox and would like a refund, please submit a Zendesk ticket. Once you have a Zendesk ticket created, please send a private message to both me and @Jummivana listing both your ticket number and your Gamertag and we will follow up with the Support team to ensure it is processed correctly.



As per the above, refunds are now available for Vessels: Enhanced AI and Vessels: Global Shipping. In the meantime thank you for your patience whilst we work the Xbox issue through with Asobo. We are told this will not affect your ability to re-purchase once a fix is released.


If I don’t want a refund, will I get both packages as soon as the repair is done? Or do I have to get a refund and buy again?


■■■■, I just created a ticket, I just want a fix not in a hurry for a refund. Sorry.

I’ve requested a refund for both items. Each as a separate ticket. And have messaged you and @Jummivana with the details.

Thanks for your help.

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Good question, I still want the goods, that’s why I bought them, obviously. This is getting complicated from what it looks. Do we actually have to re-buy stuff. It should get marked as owned though right?