Seafront's Global Shipping on Xbox

Completely ignored the advice to never buy addons when they are first released and spent a chunk of money on the Xbox version of Seafront Simulation’s Global Shipping on Xbox. Downloaded and installed, plus the other packages Seafront says are required.

Not seen a single ship. Nothing in the English channel. Nothing around Rotterdam. Nothing near Hamburg.

Anyway else tried this product for Xbox? Have you got it working?


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I bought this too and have been talking to their team this morning helping them get to the root of the problem.

Apparently asobo did test this prior to release but it isn’t working properly.

I did see a ferry moving into Dover though so something is working.

But no cargo ships or wakes yet. I’m trying to test on xbox to help out.


Try a quick flight by Statue of Liberty and tell me if you see any ships?

I saw it listed today, got exceited and then read the small print. Seems like it replaces default ships in appearance and adds wakes, but more critically it uses default FS2020 ship traffic model & doesn’t add new shipping routes (and i’m guessing traffic volumes), so I’m assuming that given the fact we hardly see any default shipping traffic as is then you will continue to see that same default limited volume.

That’s one of the packages.

The Global Shipping package supposedly adds AI routes across the globe. The screenshots show maps of myriad routes.

I’m seeing nothing.

Will need to take another look. There was a ‘free’ package and a paid one. I was sure I read that in the paid one, but will double check.

“The new Enhanced AI pack will overhaul your default AI ship and leisure boat traffic with better quality models. Whilst this pack does not add more traffic, it does add yachts, catamarans, motorboats, cargo ships and more. With the recent Sim Update, wake effects have also been added.”
product link here

Yep. You can use that standalone which just replaces default models.

The global shipping adds more ships and routes to make the seas more lifelike but needs the enhanced ai pack to work

But Global AI Ship Traffic add on isn’t available yet on XBox is it?

No wrong product.

This one: Seafront Simulations | Vessels: Global Shipping

Yes. Otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it on Xbox, found it didn’t work, then started this thread.

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Just had a reply from Seafront on Twitter. Definitely a problem. Developer is looking into it.


Would definitely be interested in having more ship traffic as long as it doesn’t destabilise the Xbox any. It’s sad to hear there is a problem as it’s only just been released on the platform.

Searched on XBox right now and there are three products I see.
Vessels: Core Library (FREE)
Vessels: Enhanced AI (£10.49GBP)
Vessels: Global Shipping (£16.49GBP) { i didn’t see this one before, had to filter on the creator}

Presumably you need all 3 installed for it to work?

Hi All

We are in contact with MS/Asobo about some issues that are affecting the MSFS Marketplace releases of Global Shipping and Enhanced AI.

  1. The MSFS Marketplace release of Enhanced AI is missing the required Visual Effects Library so wakes are not showing for Enhanced AI or Global Shipping. - The workaround is to download the free Vessels Core which includes the same Visual Effects and will be picked up by Enhanced AI and Global Shipping. This does not affect the OrbxDirect releases.

  2. Some users are not seeing Global Shipping or Enhanced AI at all on Xbox. We have verified that they work on the PC releases (Orbx and MSFS Marketplace) but are getting MS/Asobo assistance for XBox. It is worth rebooting (the device as well as the sim) to help force the sim to pick up the updates as well as ensuring leisure traffic, shipping and ferry sliders are at 100%.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused while we work this through with MS/Asobo.


I will wait with the purchase, but i really like to have it :slight_smile:

Thank you for the clarification. Will hang off for now but am definitely really interested. Is it a resource hungry add on at all? Just asking as the XBox (in my case series X) occasionally seems to have a few frame rate issues at high density scenery areas - airports mainly and I’m wary of taxing the hardware any more. Would love to see marine traffic in the sim though as there is so little of it by default.

I’ve just installed the same purchase into the PC version. And it works really well. Solent now chock full of shipping of various sizes all going about their business. Very nice.

So I’m happy with the product. Just will be happier when it works on Xbox - as I use that version of Flight Sim more.

Didn’t notice any performance issues on PC.


Have you intalled all of these and rebooted/cleared FS cache etc too?