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No way to search the Archived Category?
When I go to the archived category there is a search, however there are no search results pertaining to the archived category. (even though that’s where I am searching from). The results only come back to current threads.

Why am I asking this? Simple. I wanted to search the archives for ‘performance loss SU14’.
I went to the archived category to search for a releated topic. No luck there.

I’m not sure if the Archives are searchable, but try this link:

It appears they are searchable, but we have to go to the ‘advanced search’.
It would be nice if there was just a drop down arrow next to the search magnifying glass, that would allow us to quickly select a category.

Advanced Search

Like most engines, the real power is in syntax oriented searches. I’ve had to learn it (and I’m still learning) when I joined Staff. It’s really a Discourse thing.

I suppose it’s really not an issue. I wasn’t real famiar with the advanced search.
That seems to be working alright. I didn’t realize it would offer archived threads as well.

Thank you for helping out and have a great day. :cowboy_hat_face: