Search World Map for cities and POIs

I would like to see a higher quality world map. It is currently very difficult to find landmarks and cities on the map because of it’s low resolution and because it’s lack of labels.

It would also be nice to be able to search for things other than airports.
I’m not sure if that is currently the intention but I wasn’t able to search for landmarks.


In some Videos and Streams it looks like a normal bing map but also for me a bit choppy

Totally agree with you.

The map is utterly useless without frequency data, vectors, ILS gradients etc, all of which are available on the X-Plane 11 map.

Beginning to think FS2020 is more of a ‘scenery simulator’ rather than having anything to do with flight. I’ve simmed and flown real aircraft since the Sub-logic days of 1984 and even Bruce Artwick who wrote SubL Flight Sim had better navigation!

I hope FS2020 sim improves and evolves into a true flight simulator. At the moment it is a relatively sophisticated arcade game, imo.


Impossible to search on city names, let alone street names which would also be very nice. Would be very useful to plan a flight from area to area instead of airport to airport.


And country borders would help

provide this feedback by zendesk so it will reach Asobo, I did the same thing the more people ask for it the faster they look on adding it.

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Its interesting seeing the folks just getting to play be vocal about some of the samethings testers talked about before


Very interesting. But… its just real. Tell me how much private pilots in their aircrafts look out for landmarks with binoculars? You really need to make a extensive flight preparation before your VFR flight. There after your need to look out for markings like rivers, streets etc. to keep on your flight route.

Can you imagine a good old fashioned National Geographic style map - the one’s that had so much detail the kind with so many points of interest and labels it took weeks to scour the entire thing. Loved those old folded maps they had. A World Map like that and you could mess around with that for ages - and if we had the ability to create Custom Destinations/POL and save them to our database and filtered - Wow - that would be amazing.

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While I agree with you, I think you can at least search for POIs and things like „fauna“ etc.

+1. There is actually no way (like NONE, even less than in FS98 where you could browse the AFD in that horrible list view!) to see any of the coded data in the sim. Not exactly helpful or great.


We for sure need to be able to see frequencies and ILS data in flight.

A proper airport map with moving plane would be essential, if you don’t add it someone will just make us pay for it later.


I really like the map in the flight selection area. I would like to see a miniaturized version of that.

As well as flight planning and other aircraft on the VFR map, it would be nice to have different map overlays: Terrain data, Aerial/Satellite, Road/Rail/Waterway, Landmark/POI, Nav data like airspace/airways/navaids (with frequencies) and detailed airport diagrams/taxiways/ramps/parking etc.

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They are using bing maps, don’t get your hopes up, the whole world looks bad compared to google maps

I’ve just added in a wishlist option for having an API that could be used to access a third party source of aerial imagery data. I would see that sort of thing tying directly into this wishlist item were a third party would be able to provide more up to date aerial imagery AND at a higher resolution.

This could use a one off payment model or even a subscription model to cover the ongoing server costs.

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World map search results list only show airports even if in the world map view landmarks are correctly filtered and shown

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