Second Community Folder?

Okay, I’m going to throw out a thought here, after finding a problem in my Community Folder.

Now I know it’s not the source of every fault, but we are often reminded to “empty the Community Folder” whenever trying to isolate a problem and folk report that they have done that (I didn’t so I missed it).

But what if, unknown to the player, there is another Community Folder elsewhere on their system that is the one causing the problem? I ask this because when I was “messing about” with changing location of the sim I managed to create a second C/F and we do see reports of others finding them too. A lot of folk re-install in an attempt to resolve misbehaviour and I wonder how many have ended up with a second C/F?

Now, I understand that the sim will only read one and has to be pointed at it, but this programme is still unstable enough for anything to happen. No doubt the developers will shout “impossible” but I don’t know…

Please don’t ridicule, as I said it’s only a thought but in my experience it can be one idea that starts a chain of thought that eventually reaches a conclusion.

(I see that the site is trying to tell me this is similar to another topic - Massive 25 second freeze - but I’m not referring to a particular fault, just a generalisation so, mods, bear with me which is why I chose the General Discussion topic)

i have several community folders. I tend to copy the whole folder to another drive or location when I am installing a beta or there is a new sim or world update. as far as I know the official community folder exists within the program path. after I have copied the folder I go back and delete the contents of the official one. my community folder backups I should actually rename with an indication of their state. like su5 backup community folder etc. I dont like having a huge community folder filled with hundreds of mods or addons. thats just my style because for me the sim is still in its infancy and I should just move over to an addon linker approach.

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