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How can I use a second screen with the windows of the map on it ? I succeeded in putting my second screen and I can see the arrow of my mouse there. When I am on MSFS if I open the VFR map’s window and click on the small square with the arrow on this window, the window stays on my first screen (I thought it would go by itself on the second screen). Then I can slide it to the second screen but I cannot do anything anymore with it and MSFS gets stuck. Nothing works anymore. What am I doing wrong ? (sorry for the english I am French !)

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You need to move your cursor back onto the screen runninf the sim and maybe lefty click

Currently, if I move out ANY window (be it map, ATC, or any of the screens ;like PFD or MFD), it locks up MSFS completely. I believe this is a bug after the last update.

That said, every window you break out of your main screen will lose you about 5 fps in your game window, so really, unless you have a beastly system with 40+ fps, it’s not worth the performance hit IMHO.

Even if I do that it is locked : I cannot control my second screen with my mouse and I cannot click back on MSFS !

You need to expand the window on your primary screen, then move to your second screen and resize to fit.
I have 4 windows om my second screen including the VFR map.
Good luck!

I’m pretty sure I said exactly that as well.

Some of us are experiencing a bug since last patch. We know how it works. It just locks up the entire sim if we do it.

I have not had any issues since the last update, good luck.

Hence saying “some of us”. Very few of the bugs in this game appear to be universal to everyone. They seem to affect a subset of the user base.

From my own experience this screen behaviour has been present from day on…
I too drag VFR, ATC etc to an external monitor and have to leftclick ones in the screen i’m actual work in.
Going back to the mainscreen: same…
I got used to it and it’s no big showbreaker.

That;s a different issue. It’s been there from the start. It used to do that for me as well.

Now the whole sim locks up. Same with the OP. As in it freezes and can’t recover. Needs to be shut down and restarted to work again. That’s new bahaviour for me since last update.

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Ok, that’s indeed a nasty thing…
I really feel sorry for you…and feel blessed that I personaly never experience such strange behaviours. Only thing is that I have to re-adjust my graphics settings to my personal comfortlevel on a regular basis, especialy after updating Geforce drivers en simulator patches/ updates.
I adopt it as a part of my pre-flight checklist…

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Try same color depth and .icc color profile settings on both screens. Also same HZ.
NVCP or Win10 display settings.

In the MSFS user.cfg:
enable monitor = 1
windowed = 1

Then it should work.

I couldn’t find user.cfg : where is it supposed to be ?

I can put VFRmap on my second screen (that’s a good add-on) and yes I have to left click to go back on MSFS but for the windows of the game (vfr map, tower…) it blocks the game, left click doesn’t work as Crunchemeister71 says

Here you go:

None steam:

Thank you WatchfullLand959 ! The path was a little bit different and the name is for me, I think, usercfg.opt
There is “monitor” and “windowed” in it. Windowed was already 1 but not monitor. So I put a 1 for monitor and it seems to work. I say seems because I tried only once. :+1:

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