Sedona Landing. Real life versus MSFS

Here is a video of my real life landing at Sedona side by side with the same landing in MSFS in Ultrawide.

For those interested in watching the full real life video that link is here:


Great video !, thanks for sharing. There is a feeling of higher speed (landscape is moving faster) in MSFS vs IRL.

I feel the opposite. I feel the sense of speed isn’t real enough in MSFS20… Like, I’d be flying really low above cities at mach 1.2+ Ans it looks like I’m barely breaking past 400 kts or something

Do you use VR, that would make a difference in relative velocity in the sim

Interesting video. I also think the MSFS footage looks faster.

Even though the camera field of view has been matched very well, there’s a significant fisheye effect on the real video and the centre of the image appears much ‘closer’ than in MSFS. This would explain the difference in perceived speed.

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Odd… When I fly really low over cities at Mach 1.2 IRL, it feels like I’m barely breaking past 350 knots or something.


Which air force are you with? Can we see some shots or videos of you doing mach 1.2+ passes over cities IRL…?


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My post was intended as a joke, to point out the absurdity of suggesting that flying low at Mach 1.2 over cities feels slow in the game. Very few people who have ever lived would have real world experience upon which to base an assessment of whether flying low over cities at Mach 1.2 in the game feels fast or slow relative to real life.

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So it DOES feel slow in the game doesn’t it? You could have just said so without posting what you did earlier :laughing::rofl:

Just posted a new one today…