See weather for airports when zooming in on World Map

HI all!

I would like that when you press “zoom to details” in the map section, when you are planning a flight, the data thet we see it would be like flightradar24 for example. I would like to see:

  • Conditions (cloudy, storm, rainy, sunny, …)

  • Temperature

  • Wind

  • And advanced button to see the real METAR


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A briefing option with wind aloft would also be viable.

Yes, good one!

THIS!!! Put it on the wishlist :pray:t2:

Makes perfect sense!

I would normally agree completely BUT there is a big downside to your idea:

  • weather can change significantly during flight

Don’t get me wrong, I totally like the idea of having the aerodromes’s ATIS at hand at all times but to be honest, you can retrieve the most important data from the map already

  • wind data + charts enable you to make a pretty good guess which runways are in use
  • if you leave arrival/approach on “automatic” the sim will ususally assign an active runway fitting your aircraft; you can then select an appropriate arrival/approach
  • weather conditions are displayed in the top right corner
  • QNH is (in my opinion) not so important to have on the world map, it’s fine to retrieve it when tuning ATIS while already in the cockpit

As mentioned above, weather can change a lot during your flight which, of course, can also change the runways in operation (which is the most important information in my opinion). This would at least render the destination airports information useless from the moment you click “Fly”.

What would be better (in my opinion) is to have access to the destination’s ATIS waaaaay earlier than it’s currently possible. I mean, I could check weather data on external websites ( is a good site for METAR/TAF) which would let me at least assume the runways in use as well as the QNH that might be currently indicated by the sim (I usually end up with +/- 2 or 3 ticks on the altimeter which is not too bad) but “in game” ATIS messages would be way better. Especially when you keep in mind that real world weather doesn’t necessarily match MSFS weather.

Ok, the two ideas are compatible, and Yes I would like to have the ATIS of my destination while I on the way too.

That would only help if the ATIS was at least a little correct. Unfortunately it is basically broken and useless.

Also on GA aircraft you have no other means than via radio, so that’s realistic. Most commercial aircraft can use ACARS to retrieve ATIS beforehand to better prepare for the conditions (including alternate airports in case of bad weather for decision making).

I mean, I understand that ATIS radio will be out of range at some point and I also figured I could retrieve all that information by searching online for the aerodrome’s current NOTAM, which unfortunately brings me back to the problem of the weather not being “n sync”.

@Coppersens: YES! ACARS!!! I totally forgot about these. Thank you.

Great idea by the OP. Adding this info to the world map would be great.

Yes of course!