Seeking advice for Optimal headset other than queast 2?

Ok, I think I’ve been put up enough with oculus robber-like pre-requisite
I need to spend 2 minute to open up oculus PC app for the headset to be able to read PC information.
And now it just simply gives a “Request Failed” error

Minified exception occurred; use the non-minified dev environment for the full error message and additional helpful warnings.

Now the device is completely unusable. At present, Meta literally wants to tell every user “Oculus’s boss Meta want to you to understand that you bought a headset whose main purpose is to show that it is oculus is more important than the VR app you are using.”

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Same here. It’s the one thing I want but don’t have. Looking forward to the responses and reviews.

have u tried re-installing the oculus pc app?

the often taken upgrade path from a quest 2 is the hp reverb G2. it has slightly higher clarity. it can’t do wireless.

I have both but honestly find it difficult to recommend G2 over Quest 2 to anyone without a VR headset. G2 has a higher resolution but with Link cable and resolution override they are fairly close. On the other hand, the sweet spot on G2 is just bad and seems to suffer more god rays. Plus, Quest 2 can do so much more. One can disagree with the company or founder but Quest 2 is really hard to beat especially at its price point.


I upgraded from Oculus. I’m happy. G2, once configured is stable. I had a bunch of connectivity problems between Quest2 and PC tried wireless, wired, tray tuning, refresh rates, … nothing worked. Visually Quest2 is great but I find the sweet spot to be better on the G2, color is good but is PCVR nothing else. I don’t mind using cable.



I got this error once. But in my case it was caused by low battery level in one of my hand controllers. I put in a fresh set of batteries, restarted the headset and PC and everything worked fine again.

I know, random hey. It never used to do it before, I’m not sure if it’s a recent bug in the Oculus pc app or what. I think my battery said around 30% when it happened. Prior to that I was happily dropping to 10% and never got the message.

Hope it might be useful to you?