Select approach no transition

I’m trying to practice approaches on either avionics g1000/530. Is it possible to select an approach without adding a transition and having to fly way out there to get the sequence to load correctly? I also noticed that you cannot Direct To any point on that approach to simulate vectors. Am I doing something wrong or is the sim not yet configured to handle this. thank you

There is a way around it. A leg on final approach has to be activated. I made a video a few months ago showing how to do it. The same method applies for the 530 but I do not have a video for that one.

Garmin G1000 - BYPASS THE ARC and Use VECTORS TO FINAL After Loading An Approach - FS2020 - YouTube

You cannot activate a leg on a loaded approach like this on the 530. It is greyed out and you cannot activate it. Any ideas on why?