'Select Heading' MSG on GNS 430

I fly the SimSolutions Diamond DV20, with a completely configured flight plan in the Garmin GNS 430. When taxi towards the runway, at a certain point, the MSG label starts to blink. The message shown is ‘Select heading XXX’, where XXX is the heading of the 1st waypoint.

I am not sure if this is an error message or an info message, meaning, did I miss to do something, or is it just the Garmin telling me that it selected the 1st lag automatically?

I tried to find a hint by watching some YouTube Videos about the GNS 430, but, although people are not doing things really differently than I do, this message does not show up in their videos. However, most videos are flown in the C172.

Can anyone tell explain this message to me?

I believe it’s just informational, giving you some added situational awareness.

I could be wrong, but I think there is a setting somewhere in the GNS menu that allows you to turn off those notifications. I think I saw that before, but I’m far from a GNS expert.

The only message I’ve seen is “Set Course to XXX” which is just advising to set the course needle to align with the next leg for situational awareness.