Self-Loading Cargo is a real-time simulation of passengers and crew

Looks like a modern version of the beloved FsPassengers.

Has anyone tried it out?

yep, but in xplane it’s fun but not nessesery. You can try it for free only i don’t know if you can get it for msfs 2020

I’ve run a few flights using SLC and enjoyed the feedback about my performance. Makes you want to improve drastically when you hear passengers screaming. I even created custom Air Canada passenger briefs and added some custom music for boarding and taxi.

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Does it have things like random failures and that bad landings affect the company’s reputation etc?

I really miss FSP…

I miss FSP as well - You don’t have a “company reputation” however this way they rate you as a pilot. There is a random failure and medical emergency. You can see from the attached a detailed report card and my proficiency with the A320 shows. I miss the 737’s


I beleive Devildoggamer put out a video about an fs passangers mod that works. The passangers even grade your flying.

That’s interesting. I’ve actually bought it, but I’m in a phase right now where i enjoy flying GA aircraft (with OnAir add-on) ,'cause SLC only support airliners, right? So I haven’t tested it out very much…

How are you enjoying the OnAir addon? SLC will support all or most if I can remember. You could do passenger work with some of the smaller GA aircraft - next time I run MSFS I will check in on it.

Interesting, I have the old the pass MSFS add on FS Passenger and still run it as I do most of my flying in the legacy simulator thanks to FS Passenger and the PMDG 737 running on it currently. Will move over when MSFS 2020 catches up.

i cant turn off the music cabin, and passengers are getting angry

I hope SLC expands to be able to be used in smaller planes and have the services changed accordingly. Like to just to move pax in a twin otter for example

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Has anyone had issues getting it to calculate your landing rate? I have done 2 flights so far and both times I just get a 0 ft/min landing rate.

I bought it, it won’t connect to MSFS2020. Not sure why…

Was just coming back here to type that, installing FSUIPC now :smiley:

Really enjoyed using this addon for the first time - really added to immersive element without being too difficult to use/ requiring too much brain powerto understand functionality.

I have a question/ small issue:

On passenger boarding and deboarding, the SLC open door function seems to “fight” with MSFS. Passengers still board, but I can hear the door constantly opening/ closing rapidly - there seems to be a conflict between the programs. Has anyone seen this behaviour and any tips about how to get the programs to align? There doesnt appear to be a binding for doors in the Sim… am I missing something obvious?

It’s because missing a function to open doors where you have not fingers… this is unbelievable, why asobo does not fit a shortcut to open doors? this was done by age

Hmmm I thought so. Very annoying repetitive door closing. Loving the SLC addon though :blush:

yep it’s cool. A workaoround when you are parked at not fingered gate, is to enable auto open door function in Self Loading Cargo, and then right click on the door icon during that crazy moment fighting with FS, and let open board immediatly all pax. Done!

Great tip thanks!

Weird i cant hear any voices or sound …any suggestion???

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