Sensitive sweet spot for Saitek Yoke

Hello fellow simmers,

I have complete lost it on finding the sweet spot for the elevator axis control of my Saitek yoke. I have used fsuipc7 with the sim (couldn’t find it), i have used it directly FSUIPC instead of the sim (couldn’t find it) and I have used the sim setting without FSUIPC and couldn’t find it.

What I have noticed is that is that no matter what plane I use its always feels like I’m in the same plane as far as the elevator axis (c172).

I tested this in several different weather scenarios, several different airports, and several different planes.
• The FBWA320
• Aerosoft CRJ550/700
• Cessna 172
• default CJ4

It would be nice to have some insight. Im still a highly active P3D user but the planes all feel different and like they should in P3D vs MSFS. So im wondering if this is an ongoing bug or issue that the culprit still hasn’t been found.

I’m trying to get used to the sim (MSFS) for when PMDG steps over, but with the elevator axis issue I am having its not looking pretty to land atleast.

My speeds are exactly where VREF is at and im super light on the yoke yet I’m still having it being ultra sensitive even with it correctly calibrated and sensitivity turned down to -90% in the sim without FSUIPC.

Hopefully you guys can have help and have great insights!

Thank You!

I have the Saitek yoke and if I understand your post correctly, I had the same problem. Because of the tight spring inside the yoke, I would pull back lightly and the yoke would not move – so I pulled a little harder, and eventually the yoke would ‘snap’ to respond, causing the nose to jump violently.

What I ended up doing was to replace the springs with rubber bands (as seen on YouTube). I’d warn you ahead of time that you need to seriously consider that as a solution because it may be difficult to restore it back to the way it came if necessary. Also, I read discussions on warranty voidance because of the opening of the yoke, so if that’s a consideration for you, be aware. In my case, it was either try the alteration of the yoke or go shopping for another one. Consequently, my wife was more than happy to help me fix this one. :wink:

I paired that with this setting and my yoke works much better now. Much less jumpiness. Of course you could try this setting change first to see if it helps.


Best of luck to you. If this does not directly address or help solve your issue, I apologize.

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Saitek yoke is just too mushy and twitchy, i had to reduce sensitivity to -70 to be able to control a plane smoothly.

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Its just weird it works perfectly in one sim vs the ither however it also may be how the plane systems are modeled too where im used to PMDG complex planes with custom systems and physics of how the plane reacts vs planes that uses the sims systems and physics. Ill keep messing around. I have no problem with my yoke springs. Just the overall sensitivity is very very excessive. Like I barely pull back or down and the plane just nose dives or 90 degrees nose up. Very very odd

Wow, 90 degrees? Mine would jump maybe 5 degrees or so, which was too much. What are your elevator sensitivity settings? -70 might be good for you too.

I’ll try that I have it at -90% it feels like its the same phsycis in all of the planes for me. Thats why I’m dying to see how it reacts when the qw787 comes out because that will run entirely on its own physics system vs msfs

I had some similar problems with mine as well. Not as bad as what you describe. But I fixed it with this:

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I dont have a problem with scraping or anything with the yoke itself. Its all just sensitivity that I don’t have in p3d but I do have in msfs