Sensitivity FFB Pro

I have a ms force feedback pro joystick and I am struggling with all the axis and sensitivity settings.
I would appreciate any help.

post a screenshot of your current sensitivity settings.

Thanks. Shots attached. Sorry for delay.

ah, first of all; your ‘neutral’ setting needs to be at 0%. You’re basically changing what the middle point is, which isn’t needed at all, apart from some specific throttle quadrants (those with reverse thrust built in).

secondly; you have huge deadzones. You only need to have a deadzone if the joystick sensor is giving off a signal when it’s centered (sensor noise). Just set it at 5%, and change it up /down as needed.

Much appreciated help thank you. I will make the adjustments and see what happens.

Hope you’ve got it working now.

No joy I’m afraid. Still unable to control Cessna.
What about sensitivity settings and this is a sidewinder force feedback pro not ff2.

Show a new screenshot of your settings?

I would normally say sensitivity should be somewhere between -20 and -50%, the 33 you had set in the screenshots above isn’t a bad place to start.

![Screenshot 2020-11-30

I hope this helps.

Neutral needs to be at 0% (you can see the middle point is shifted slightly to the right in the graphs). Maybe set a small deadzone (2-5% maybe).

For the sensitivity; you’ll want it set at -33% for both positive and negative, instead of +33%.

these are my settings:

Ok. I’ll give that a try tomorrow. Cheers.

Partial success. I have spent some time today tweaking the sensitive settings and it is now reasonable. Tends to want to turn left on takeoff and a touch unstable once in the air. I shall continue to tweak . Settings are similar to yours.
I realised that I had not plugged in the transformer for the stick which probably made a difference by stiffening the handle.
I thank you again for sharing your knowledge with me. Best wishes and keep safe.
From 84 year old.

Good to hear you’re getting close to a good experience. Enjoy the skies!
A bit of a turn on takeoff is normal, and can be caused by the torque from the engine and/or crosswinds. Make small changes, but accept that a plane will never really be ‘on rails’.

Will do. Thanks.