September 17th Hotifx

I updated to latest OpenXR (use latest preview), installed latest windows updates just before installing hotfix today.
I had the smoothest flight yet (at least since back in march) in VR.
Has the latest hotfix changed clouds? It might be placebo but I thought they looked better than what they have done since SU5. I have volumetric clouds on ”high”.
If only we could get rid of shimmering I would actually be quite happy with the visuals and performance.
What do you guys say?

I7 9700k
32 GB RAM @3600
Reverb G2
Steam version
Motion reprojection OFF
Mix of low/medium/high setting

Yes, I was flying the newly released Robinson R44 Raven earlier in New Zealand, granted the scenery was mountainous with very few buildings and limited tree so I dare say that helped, but the flight was really very smooth and fluid. Have also noted the scenery looked sharper even off into the distance.

Running the the latest runtime preview, render scale in Open XR at 100, and 80 in the sim. Motion reprojection on auto. I have fairly modest settings in the sim, but am now feeling like I might be able to puch some of those a little higher.
10900k processor.
32 Gb @3600

Same here, great hotfix, I had these installation abort loops. I just upgraded to a 9900K and this one is a lot smoother in the menus then my 8600k, With these fixes, switching in and out of VR, that works now too, instead of 1x and that’s it.

Yes shimmering is still a big issue in vr, I think it has gotten worse with latest hot fix.

Surprisingly I have found the shimmering to not be so bad in MSFS 2020., certainly a little better than an couple of other flight sims I run.

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I’m extremely happy with graphics and VR performance since the hotfix. I’d even say the best I’ve had so far… Even the menus have become legible again and so far, no CTD…
So, for the next SUs, aside from the air traffic issue, I hope Asobo will tackle a few hundreds of the few thousands of those small but really annoying little bugs….

Don’t you use the ingame TAA?

Yes i do use TAA

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