Serious Control-Issue with 2 add-on planes

Hello All!

While most of my planes (addon as well as stock) work well after SU-5 (at least in regards to yaw-pitch-roll) - there are two planes which I am now having serious issues:

BN2 British Islander: After SU-5 I can no longer take off - the plane barely reacts to Pitch/Yaw

EMB-110P Bandeirante: Here I have the problem that the plane now banks heavily left/right

Since all other planes behave normally, it cannot be a settings issue of my controls - else I had it with all planes.

Does anybody has an idea what that could be? It seems that this is not a widely known issue…

Thanks for your kind help!


Solution found:

One needs to go to global settings, flightmodel, then choose “Modern” on top of the screen (it may say “LEGACY” which is the old FSX-flightmodel.

Not that I ever messed with this setting and yes of course Asobo would have to set this by default to MODERN but hey - why make it easy for your customers…

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