Servers down 17/02/2021?

Connection status warning on start. Server selection set to automatic (default) but cannot actually see any servers. - therefore cannot change to a different server.

Same here, cannot connect. There are at least 10 others on the steam forums with the same problem.

Same here - anyone made a ticket

same here :frowning:

same here (sad

Yep, connection’s down to the FS2020 content servers here - just on a lark I tried something on my console and it seems fine, so… I guess the ooopsie is squarely based at Asobo?
Oh well, down time at FS2020 only means that I can give myself PTSD and vertigo over at DCS in the Hornet or Tomcat :smiley:

Same here, just got excited after downloading over night and now this. Great! Guess it’s night time over in USA so no hope for now. Xbox servers are up and ok so it’s MSFS only problems. Maybe they done it on purpose so we don’t download the new content from market place as there maybe issues there. OH AND YES you still need to download the files from market place for UK first ontop of the mandatory update.

Yup in Australia I’m getting the dreaded

Connection lost - please ensure you have an active internet connection bla bla bla

ngl was considering reinstalling fs2020, thought I messed up my installation somehow

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Same problem for me

Guys, I have the same hassle too. Like you, after lots of searching that MS site and searching everywhere I could think and considering wiping MSFS, I came here and phew, it is not my end. The update system is sometimes very confusing. My MSFS Marketplace is greyed out and servers saying no connection, or something similar.

I only received about 1.04 gb in the update, is that what you guys received?

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wtf this is getting worst!!

any problems you always should check the net if its not you.
thats really very basic. how come gamers dont know that?

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We are aware of intermittent connectivity issues with Microsoft Flight Simulator.