Servers Down Now?

I can’t connect to the servers. I did a speed test and I’m 530mpbs. Is there a way to see what’s the server status? Is this happening to anyone else?


Down for me as well

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Same issue here. It’s always something


Same here. and yes I have GREAT Bandwidth other than MSFS

here we go again

Yep down again, its becoming a daily occurrence.

Optimism: Hotfix incoming?!?


I like your optimism

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I’m playing on PC, not sure if that makes a difference

down for me too

same here…

I hope you’re right!

Sing out and sign in at microsoft. com

Works for me here…

Nah the servers are down again

Wouldn’t servers going offline be contradictory to the term ‘hotfix’?

XBox Live services both PC and XBox.

Me2 whole morning today…Chicago

Down for me as well, i was flying o er the us all morning at got lag and stuttering, then this happened.

I dont get why they stream voices (ATC via Azure) there arent enough voices in they system for it to make sense. Skies are empty of AI as well tonight.