Servers offline right now?

Hello, I have today problems with this issue - Live Traffic and weather servers are down. Do you have the same problem ?

Same ~30 mins ago (UK).

Same here.

same hear uk

Yup, another day in MSFS. Glad I have other things to do today.

Had constant disconnections “due to low bandwidth” last night.
And this while I have 255mbits and 6ms latency on speedtest.
No Mod installed that is messing with the connection either.

And had the same issue a few times since last Update.

So yeah, guess the servers were not prepared for the extra traffic caused by Air-Races…

is this normal ? and and I can´t change the servers - I could always do that ! and I am not really offline - see all online functionalities !

The same for me, no servers, in Switzerland.

Online functionalities are super slow, it’s a holiday today in US, servers need their time off too


West EU seems to be up for the UK right now

I was always “West Eu” too, never changed that or logged out before !!!

Stuck on ‘Checking for Updates’ (UK)


Servers down East Coast USA too

Me too in Italy. But no news from Microsoft. This is not the simulator of the year. :rage:

Confirmed - Hold on checking for updates (Italy)

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Me too in Brazil

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My sim doesn’t even launch, not sure if it’s related to servers but when I try run it it opens the Microsoft Store and takes me to the Gaming Services page there, but nothing happens after that. It was working fine last night.

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Thanx for confirming that there is a hold on ‘Checking for Updates’. I was almost ready to uninstall Gaming Services. I have removed add-ons from the Community Folder.



Thank you for briging this up to our attention. Servers should slowly be back to normal.


Thank you for the update.

Can you confirm that this is also causing the simulator to fail when ‘Checking for Updates’ ?