Set an ILS to an Airport runway

Hi all ,

I would to set a ILS to asobo-airport-LXGB-gibraltar RW27,
is this possible under FS2020 in Develop mode or somehow ?

I also downloaded ADE and opend this Airport and also set a ILS to that runway but i don`t know how to compile it over to the community folder.
Somebody out there who can help me here for the steps i have to do ?

cheers :wink:

You need to post this under the SDK discussion. You get much better chance for assistance there. But out of curiosity, any reason why you wanted to add ILS to an airport that doesn’t actually have it?

Doesn‘t this answer your question? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

No it dosen`t but i want it who or what matters ?


My question was directed to Neo and only half serious.

[quote=“lennwang500, post:4, topic:361606”]
i want it[/quote]

that‘s the point

Still, it’s better to move this topic to the SDK discussion. Only people monitoring that category would be able to help you.

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