Set default gate for airport

It would be great to be able to set the default gate you want to use at each airport

It would also be nice to set a default airport and have it keep several planes you routinely fly ready to go too. Then I would not have to mess with the world map, could just pick plane, startup and go, inputting my FP on the fly in the FMS or just pleasure fly around area.

It would be great to be able to pick an arrival gate/parking in the World Map and have ATC direct you to that gate/parking when you arrive, but that feature that worked perfectly through SU5 was broken by SU6 and has never worked since.

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I tried to the same I did with previous versions using AFCAD and naming the airline code as well as using that code in the config file for the aircraft. But MSFS doesn’t seem to work that way.
I’d also love to be able to simply start where I left off. In FS9 and FSX I had a „last flight“ that I always saved before closing the sim. That was also my Startup flight.
Again…MSFS doesn’t seem to have that capability

Some of these issues are going to be solved by the “World Hub”, which sounds like it will work very similar to AFCAD.
[SDK Q&A Twitch Series: November 23, 2022]

Users will be able to fix up the airports themselves, and their changes will go back into the official build of MSFS. This is being released to alpha testing now.

If you haven’t, you should participate in this Bug Report and its vote for the saving issue.