SET PARKING BRAKE keybind has changed what it does

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I have a toggle switch bound to the SET PARKING BRAKE command. Until very recently this worked as expected - switch on the toggle switch and the parking brake is engaged, turn it off and the brake is released. Recently, I ran into an issue where the brake would not release. It seems the SET PARKING BRAKE keybind has changed.

My workaround is this:

  • On press: SET PARKING BRAKE (as before)

There should be a RELEASE PARKING BRAKE command maybe? Or set it back to how it was …

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Bind a toggle switch (such as Honeycomb) to SET PARKING BRAKE. Observe it does not release.

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Post SU9

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The binds are a big mess. Set autorudder is also completely broken, among others.

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As are exterior lighting binds e.g. Toggle Taxi results in Rwy Turn Off lights being activated. There are others as well.