Set Reverse in TBM 930

How to configure in controller settings to actívate reverse when landing

Have you tried these control settings?

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Assign a button to toggle reverse thrust (yes, thrust!)
Push that button and throttle up. Push button again to go back to normal thrust.
Not how it should be, but it works. :wink:
Confirmation would be looking at the power lever in the cockpit.


There are presently three different ways to achieve reverse in the MSFS turboprops.

  1. The mouse to pull the throttle back, below the 0% idle position
  2. The command for ‘decrease throttle’.
  3. The command for ‘toggle throttle reverse thrust’. Moving the hardware throttle forward after using the toggle will increase reverse thrust and the VC throttle will move backwards, below the 0% position.
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Hopefully, this will be fixed in a future update so that the throttle axis can be used to put throttle into beta and then reverse.

I don’t understand. That’s how it works right now.
The first part below flight idle is the beta range. Decreasing the throttle further, increases reverse power.

I think he’s talking about being able to define a point on a throttle axis where any adjustments below that move it into reverse thrust/beta rather than having to use a button to toggle going into reverse/beta and then moving the throttle forward. I’m hoping this is added myself. Don’t have a use for it now personally, but when the Bravo quadrant becomes available I’m really going to want to be able to go past the detent on that and into reverse rather than tapping a button.