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Hello everyone, in P3d, when you’re setting up your flight (choosing aircraft, location, weather, etc) there is an option to set the time to the PC’s system time. This is useful for me in New Zealand because I like to fly in the UK, Europe, and the USA where when it’s daytime here in NZ it’s dark in those areas. I’m not a huge fan of night flying because I miss all the beautiful scenery.

The time slider on the Worldmap is a poor substitute for this functionality. It would be relatively easy to put a button next to the slider to ‘Set to System Time’, rather than have to mess around with the slider which doesn’t allow for fine turning of the time.

Doesn’t fix your problem but just as an fyi, you can use the mouse scroll wheel to fine tune the time. It rolls in 1 min intervals. Makes it pretty easy. Played for months before discovering that :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jackson, I didn’t know about the mouse scroll wheel, but I did discover that you could use the + and - keys to do the same in the weather section. I’m not sure whether you mean that you can use the mouse wheel to scroll the time on the WorldMap page, but I’ll give it a go. A simple button on the WorldMap page would solve all my problems :slight_smile:

The sim does run on your PC time, by default.
It is normally displayed in GMT though.

In the World Map Planner, holding your mouse over the slider bar allows you to use your scroll wheel to adjust time minute by minute, you won’t get much better than that.

There is also a time adjustment in the onscreen toolbar.
The cloud icon for weather has a time slider bar as well.
Same as above, you can use the mouse scroll to adjust time by the minute.

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Topic moved from the Wishlist Category, as this function is already available.

Hi, and thanks for your response. I don’t think that this function is already available. The ability to fine-tune the time is available, but a button to set the simulator to system time in a single action is not.

With this thread, do you mean you want an option to set the local simulator system time to your computer’s time? That isn’t available, but when crossing time zones it might be interesting as the time would jump.

Setting the global simulator time (i.e. UTC) to your computer’s time should happen automatically if you leave the time setting on ‘Live’ and never change it. The World Map should represent real time as it is in the world then. I’m not sure, but could it be that this option turns off if you choose to manually set the weather?

I made a quick search for a screenshot. It looks like the “Live” option is available right under the time slider, even with weather presets:

(This is taken from this page:

The time can be manually changed in any category other than Live.

When sim time is live, the button by the slider is greyed out.
If you manually change the time, the Live button becomes active, so by clicking “Live”, the slider will automatically return to actual system time.

As I mentioned in my OP, this is a function that was enabled in P3D v4 (and probably in previous and later versions). The idea is that when you’re setting up your flight you can choose what time of day to fly. You can set the time of the flight to be in your local time at the press of a button. The process that FSFS has adopted is a much less user-friendly option for those, like me, who live in other parts of the world where the local time we fly doesn’t match the locale in which we fly.

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OK. I re-read your OP and got the meaning. I think I mistakenly read that you want it to be day in the UK/US when it’s night in NZ (assuming you were working during daylight hours in NZ), which would happen naturally with Live time, but you said it the other way around… my mistake.

So you want to set the local simulator time to your computer’s system time, regardless of any time zone. If it’s 3pm for you, and you launch the sim in the US, you want the local time to be 3pm. If you start a flight in Germany, you want to set it to 3pm too, if it’s 3pm where you are.

So we’d need either of these options to fulfil your request:

  • Set local simulator time to system time (ignoring time zone of your PC)
  • Set +/- hours offset between simulator time and real time

Since there’s a popular request to provide historical weather (up to the last 24 hours), it would be nice to combine the two. I would welcome both.

Maybe ping a note to the moderators to move this back to the Wishlist category? I’d also suggest clarifying the request in the title with a couple of extra words :slight_smile:

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