Setting Nav1 on the BN2 Islander XBoxX

I wasn’t sure where to direct this. I can’t see where to set the ILS freq in Nav1 on the BN2 Islander. I am struggling to make any selections within the GPS. I am unable to select an approach from procedures, I can select Nav 2 frequencies but not Nav 1. I have the AP sorted and am flying my flight planned route using hdg hold and altitude hold V/s etc. I want to fly low visibility and low cloud approaches bug can’t see how to select the ILS. Help!

Change CDI to GPS instead of LOC1 which it defaults to. I was able to use it after doing that and NAV will work without need for heading hold. And then of course turning on approach mode to capture the localizer and glide slope, which is on the AP panel to the right of the GPS.

Been a few weeks though I’ll run it again and see :slight_smile:

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Thanks I will have a look at it very shortly. Where do you input the ILS freq? Is this on the GPS by then switching between Nav positions.?

Thanks again, you pointed me in the right direction. I hadn’t realised how much you have to use the GNS, selecting frequencies and modes. I will have to practice a bit more. I did manage to fly a full IFR flight though with an ILS approach at the end of it.

I would like to be able to programme my flight from within the cockpit, but the GNS seems a lot of hard work. It will probably get easier with familiarity though.