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I have a laptop that has Nvidia gtx 1050, intel i7, 16gb ram and ssd. Would anyone have any suggestions with the graphics settings? I use to fly with medium settings but today I tried low-end settings and it look so smooth but obviously the terrain around didn’t look as good. Are there any suggestions for my graphics card?

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i had close to what you have (GTX 1070 I7) with my old rig, and all I can tell you from experience is that you’ll need to set everything to low end and start moving up. It appears that the number of mods you start MSFS might contribute to stutters, so you might want to use a linker to only activate the mods you need for the specific flight you’re about to take. And although I’ve heard that you shouldn’t set the Power Management Mode on your GPU to ‘Prefer Maximum Performance’ on the bigger rigs, you should be able to do it on a 1050.

To be honest, IMHO you’re at the lower edge of support, so you’ll have to experiment much more and you’ll need to try even harder to squeeze everything you can out of your rig. Also, make sure to do what I do – boot up and start MSFS as the first program. Don’t start anything else that might contribute to a CTD or memory loss.

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Thank you very much for your reply. Which linker do you suggest?

I use Addons Linker here that has over 100k downloads. It’s invaluable as it uses links (like shortcuts sort of) to represent the mods you have so they don’t have to be loaded directly into your Community folder. Using the Addon Linker, you can select only the mods you want to activate before each flight.

Best of luck to you.

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Thank you very much

When game was released, low medium and high PC options. I was fortunate to be able to buy laptop at near the top of the tier. As game matured since release, some low end video cards were dropped as supported, so some folks are out of the game because of that. I suspect this will some day affect me, because technology marches one and eventually we are eclipsed.

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The video below is from shortly after the sim was released, but most of the settings available now are demonstrated. It’s long, so sit down with pen, paper, and your choice of beverage. Take note of what you want to see in your sim and set those to higher settings. Things that you don’t think will make much difference can be set to lower quality to save frames. Experiment with settings that have been added since this video.