Several simple questions:

  1. .- What is the single-engine plane with a propeller, fast and with an automatic pilot?


  1. .- What is the simplest sequence to go from full to reduced screen, (for example: reduced to 1/6 of the full screen)? My wish is to use a single monitor that includes an external view of the real scene, and simultaneously the plane moving on the map (the reduced section).

  2. .- Is there a procedure to have access to cockpit vision and to be able to change to external vision from the cursor keys (or any other device), with the map shared with the real flight on the same monitor? Currently, to have the aforementioned access, I previously have to temporarily delete the map from the monitor, and this is quite annoying since to follow the route marked in manual, and I have to change this very frequently, except for airplanes with autopilot And most of the ones I fly don’t have an autopilot.

  3. .- Can the “little world map” that appears in the upper left corner be temporarily deleted? It bothers me quite a bit when I fly with the reduced map shared with the stage exterior (it covers part of the existing information on the map in that corner, and I see no reason for it to be constantly there.

I await your suggestions and clarifications

Thank you very much

Kind regards: Dolphin

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I can help with #1 if you don’t mind turbines and don’t mind stock air craft - the TBM 930. Combined with the Working Title G3000 mod, it’s a joy to fly. It’s faster than the King Air, and flies higher too.

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Best (stock) single engine prop with autopilot is probably the Beechcraft Bonanza G36

Or… .with a tiny tweak in the .cfg file - the VL3
(There is actually a mod vl3 posted right here in these forums - great plane. VL3 - Rotax 915 mod)

Managing cockpit view and nav map/ATC map pop ups on the same monitor truly sucks.

I try to keep the MSFS2020 native stuff to a minimum and even then I am running another monitor for the ATC popup. Those boxes truly just get in the way when you are trying to fly.

My solution is to actually use 3rd party mapping apps on completely different computers. - as long as the computers are networked then SimConnect passes the data.

LittleNavMap works ok like this. However there are also other options that use a browser and will even work on a phone or tablet.

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