Severe Audio Cut-Out Issues

I’ve finally got the game working (albeit without the premium content I paid for on Steam), though the audio stops working over the time the game is open. At first I can play it perfectly fine with full audio and no visual stutter, though after anywhere from 10-15 minutes, the audio will begin cutting in and out intermittently and it’s really killing the immersion of the game. I’ve tried checking everything I can from going between bare minimum settings, to cranking it up and it makes no difference. I’m not thermal throttling, and nothing is maxed out on my hardware.

My specs are:
Audio - RME Babyface Pro (tried at 48KHz and 41KHz, both have the same problems)
Ryzen 9 3950X
RTX 2080ti
64GB 3600MHz Ram
Installed on an SSD with the rolling cache on a separate SSD as well (though tried at first to have the cache on the same drive)

Anybody having similar issues or have found a workaround for this problem?

Having similar issue.

Yes, having simelar issues. My audio is fine when the game start up, but when I get in the menu the audio starts stuttering. Its like its cutting in and out.

I had the same problem. Removing the nvidia HD audio drivers resolved the problem (after a reboot).

Good luck!

removed nvidia audio drivers , but with no luck unnfortunally. :disappointed: So I dont know whats causing my problem :thinking: