Severe Problems on Xbox After Sim Update 9

Perhaps I’m gonna fly some GA aircraft to visit some POI’s in Spain etc that I have missed. Let’s see how that goes as well.

That’s all I fly:

C152 Aerobat (#1 favorite)
TBM 930 (#3 favorite)
Zlin Cub
Shock Cub
Cessna Caravan (#2 favorite)
F-18 (sometimes)

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Agree, this is the option I’ve decided to take since last week. I’m not prepared to give anymore precious free time to this anymore. I hope it gets fixed but I’m out


Somehow I managed to have a normal flight too, today. I am not sure it’s fixed or anything. I’m gonna test it out tomorrow. I’ll set up a flight from London to New York and see what happens there. I’ll update you here :smiley:

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It’s ok saying it’s still a sim with all the bells turned off, but its not the sim we bought. I can fully understand your views though and if that makes you happy, then all is well in your camp.

However, for me, and I doubt I am alone, I bought it for the full simulation experience, I want immersion, I want a working ATC, usable weather, some traffic, working AP, ILS, VNAV, RNAV, realistic plane behaviour, realistic crash behaviour, the whole 9 yards.

If it was advertised as you have your setup, I would not have bothered investing a ton of cash in a console, large monitor, flight yoke, HOTAS, pedals, radio/AP box, keyboard, mouse etc. I bought it after watching many hours of YT videos demonstrating how good it actually was, and it was very good, but that was in SU7 era.

At present, it’s not giving me CTD’s but he graphics are as jerky as beef jerky at a jerky party. :wink:


Finally it’s here!

Fingers crossed this works.


Downloading now, 1.6gb on xbox.

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Nice surprise to see the patch already, I’m mid-flight now, assuming no CTD I’ll try to download shortly.

I’ll monitor the forum before i get my hopes up…


Just see this pop up, downloading now.

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I’m not seeing an update

They only fix CTD in world map and flickering of windshield for Xbox? Hmm OK, let’s give it a try tonight…

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Anyone know how to find this update ?

Did your Xbox automatically download and apply it? I believe that is the default behavior for Xbox.

Go to My Games & Apps and sort by Last Update.

It automatically found it and installed it when I started FS on my Xbox Series X.

I went into game management and the updates section and it was there. Been running it already. At least two reproducible CTD fixed, and another one not fixed so far.

Ironically I just completed an A320 flight from Manchester to Belfast on the previous build without any issue. Now downloading newest version

Seems ok here, but then I hadn’t experienced any ctds previously.

Is it a good idea to delete rolling cache after this hotfix?

I normally do for big updates but this is only a hotfix.

after the surprise notification of an update , loaded it down. good news, after a quick simple check flight i went nuts and re-installed my chicago landmarks. been buzzing round the pretty city few stutters by otherwise great. no quick CTD see if its still there after this break.
disappointing, menu is still choppy, still phantom all downloads complete notification and delay on getting to the world.
but so far an improvement for SU9. hope helps out all you guys too


Trying a20n Cold and dark. After Apu set fd and constraints. Boom range knob is not responsive again. Flight path froze again :roll_eyes: