Severe Problems on Xbox After Sim Update 9

I still get to about 80% loaded then it CTD every time.

Do you mean the one package from Asobo inside file manager? It updates itself every reboot of the game…takes about 95 mb. Was a problem before latest patch (preview).

LOL mine does the same. Not been on it since weekend. I think I have given up on it now. Got no faith in them ever getting it running well on XBox now. I want the experience they get on PC.

Even though that has its fair share of problems, the trade off is worth it for the extra immersion. :grinning:

I’ve just had a new one…

Whilst on external cam, game just froze…didn’t CTD…Just crashed.

Vanilla install, No 3rd party add on’s

I need some time away from this sim. It’s just too stressful.

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For me, personally, the worst thing is the silence.

I can be patient. I can wait. I do not mind if they say it will be later this week, later next week - whenever - before they may have a fix they can throw out to us.

But, the utter void of zero communication on this matter recently is utterly annoying to me


See this:

2 flights this evening on the A320. Both relatively smooth, first one aircraft left flight path and headed straight for airport (Luton), 2nd one ILS worked (CDG).
Both occasions the VFR map was working fine as well as ND display.

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as this is the official flight sim forum you would think asobosoft would use this more than twitter

You say “Vanilla install”, interesting, I can add to that. Yesterday I did a factory console reset and downloaded my digital ownership copy of Xbox MSFS ( I usually just install from my DVD copies), but I decided to try something different. I still have really bad turbulence, no spinning icon for checking for updates, stuttering (again) close to the ground. Nothing has changed.

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I notice an increased amount of CTD’s on my system since the latest patch. And most alarming, now during mid flight also without any signs. No stutters, no black avionics, no crackling sounds, just CTD out of nowhere.

My confidense in this game is at an all time low. Not enjoyable, and too much stress. But yes, keep that stupid Top Gun DLC coming instead of REALLY fixing this game.


Got many CTDs by loading a flight. No addon airport and no addon plane

The CTD’s in cruise is a new one. So now they can happen on Xbox at all phases of a flight, randomly, with (seemingly) no or very little reproducible pattern to them.

The state of the sim on console is, for me, at an all time low.

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Yes, correct. The only thing i must add to this is that those CTD’s in cruise happened with a 3rd party plane. I sincerely hope that it won’t happen with stock A320 or 787, guess there is only one way to find out…


Just chiming in with another type of experience than most of you here. Before update 9 I had a plethora of problems with CTD’s. Reinstalled from scratch, turned Xbox back to factory state, experimented with different cache settings, you know the drill, live weather, MP, Ai traffic, live traffic, endless triall and error.still got random CTD’s. Allways at addon airport EIKY Kerry and Paderborn. Have installed;

Enhanced airport textures, Upgraded weather, EGPH, St. Martin, Paderborn (ctd fest), EIKY (ctd fest) ORB flying eye, Upgraded service vehicles, Liveries airbus europe. Static aircraft (yes I have some double decker aircraft sometime, but at least better than dead airports)
Long story short, most of the problems mentioned here; dead Nav display midflight, ILS not working properly, random CTD¨s

After the update 9 came out and I saw all the problems on the web, I decided NOT to install update 9. I soldiered on (because I love the game and coming from the PC, whith it’s race to upgrade (money sucking vortex) and own problems, I am just as frustrated on Xbox but for only a fraction of the price! Anyway… A couple of days after deciding not to upgrade to 9, the game became smoother and smoother. The CTD’s stopped and basically everything just works. Real online weather, No MP, Static aircraft (but slider to 70 (without any particular reason) Custom weather (epic rolling clouds) Working NAV display and ILS. Not even CTD on EIKY. Will reinstall Paderborn to see if it is in working order,

Absolutely now clue why it works but felt obliged to just mention this, knowing some lucky ■■■■■■■ has ended up with a game that works at the moment.


I’ve had these albeit few and far between since the very start. This isn’t new

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I’ve been getting very occasional CTD during cruise since at least SU9 beta.

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Update: Reinstalled EDLP, restarted Xbox. Forgot to delete Cache. CTD at EDPL Lippestad. After start from cold and dark, CTD at start of taxi. Regretteable becaus it is a nice airport with animated travelers at the gate!

Restarted Xbox, When trying to delete Cach it was labeled “Off”… Have seen that before, after a CTD the Cach is suddenly turn off.

Turned on cach, 8 gb. deleted cach and saved. Restart, Tried a new start frop EDLP and this time no CTD from cold and dark with stock airbus + liveries. Quite a few stutters when taxieing but no CTD. Seems smart to delete cach after installing new airport and deleting cache.

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To be honest it’s smarter to just not buy any airports on Xbox. Too much of a lottery


Especially in the state the Sim is at the moment.


Update… CTD halfway EDPL Paderborn (the free addon airport) and ENGM. Lots of sound stuttering and crackeling during the flight. Switched from spatial sound on to off, no difference. So CTD. Uninstalling this airport again.

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