Severe Problems on Xbox After Sim Update 9

It happened to me this afternoon. I was about to abort the flight when suddenly it recovered :flushed:

I really don’t know how they broke everything in the final release if the beta was running really well. Looks like I’m not flying anymore until the Hotfix release :expressionless:


I would like to refer to the following thread:

I was able to play today for about 4 hours completely without CTD, both with planes and third party airports. Maybe it helps the one or other XBOX player and can at least briefly enable the use of the MSFS again.

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The avionics screens are frozen “only until” the aircraft reaches the next waypoint on the flight path, if there’s one. Then it recovers (and freezes again after a while, possibly).

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It looks like that indeed. It’s getting weirder and weirder.

I noticed this in another thread related to PC users and MSFS

“Disable The NDU Registry

  1. Open the Registry editor app again and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services/Ndu.
  2. Find and Right-click on the Start option and click on Modify.
  3. Change the value from 2 to 4 and click on OK.
  4. Restart Windows

NDU stands for Network Diagnostic Usage. It basically monitors the network data usage.

Why is it related to MSFS?
Because in MSFS Data settings, you can see that there’s a Data Consumption and Limitation feature. Somehow MSFS is using and connected to Windows’ NDU to monitor the data consumption. As you already know that MSFS is constantly downloading data from the cloud during flights.

Why disabling NDU may make MSFS smoother and more fluid?
Because most probably there’s a bug on Windows’ NDU (e.g. memory leak or process leak) which affects MSFS performance.”

Could this potentially be part of the issue on Xbox? As we seem to have data monitoring as well. Of course we have no way to shut it off like they do on PC but perhaps the devs could remove it ?

It does nothing, it’s a placebo.

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I added new information to the OP. Sadly, the flight plans don’t load properly into the Boeing 747 either.

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Yeah, SU9 broke all the default FMCs, they take so long to load some waypoints, there are some missing waypoints for any unknown reason with the last AIRAC.


So after having two hours on the sim this afternoon without a problem it is now ctd after ctd while trying to load a flight using the same aircraft and airport as before.
I will try again tommorow.
This sim is so unpredictable.

Regardless of our ideas on how to get the sim up and running. I have cleared the cache, uninstalled everything off my hard drive. Reset my Xbox to factory default wiping everything off including other games. Rebuilt it. Installed Flight simulator standard edition which still CTD. So without even the premium deluxe edition and all my extras it’s still not working.

My conclusion is that we shouldn’t have to try to get this simulator up and running on the Series X/S or PC. Not our job that’s down to Microsoft and Asobo. And seeing that in their most recent chat the other day they didn’t even mention this. We aren’t a priority.


So. Basically the game is now officially unplayable when you love to fly airliners🤔


I’ve given up on it. I’ll keep monitoring and participating on the forums and when it’s fixed, I’ll return to it. Trying all of these things like erasing, reloading, etc. etc. is a fool’s errand IMHO.


The worst thing is that we don’t even have the slightest sign of when or if a patch/fix is going to be released. Not a single word from the developer. That is the most disappointing. I know they have a bad track record in that regard, but this is ridiculous.


I guess they are still investigating the cause of all those problems.
There are currently many issues that need to be resolved. From Frame drops to stuttering, to CTDs and weird flickering.
The fix for WU3 and SU5 took around 2 to 3 weeks if I recall correctly, so I guess we have to be patient.


Hmm I dunno ?

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2 to 3 weeks sounds reasonable. But a little update on the matter would be very appreciated by a lot of people I think.


Same with Embraer planes. Third party devs must be pulling their hairs off. Terrible update.

Anyone experiencing problems when selecting ILS approach on world menu at Miami international? I don’t see the pink line anymore only green erratic ones…

my VFR map that i like to have up in the top right of my screen always freezes now after about 5 seconds of selecting it from the toolbar…really annoying as i liked to use it to spot traffic and waypoints