Sevilla Airport (LEZL) by MK Studios


just bought this airport where i was last week for real .

great modelling, no stutters at take off , looks very realistic

Will try it soon at landing.

for instance , it is a good purchase.

with photogrammetry on , sevilla is very realistic.

On beta, real life weather, no live traffic , lvfr a319, lvfr static aircraft.

at this time, on day mode , cruising to LFLL 39000 ft high

Beta is working really great now , congratulations for this very good job . MSFS is a real good simulator

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landing right now 27 .

everything’s fine .

not the airport of the year but good purchase anyway

for me 4.5/5

5/5 given in marketplace

Btw, change your topic title, its LEZL not LEVL

Great to hear. I’m waiting for it to be on sale. I just bought LIEE and LIRP on sale, both by Amsim and both very much recommended.

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doesn’t worth it in my opinion.

animation is missing, static aircraft are missing … but nice airport Addon for sure with no issues

nevertheless we are not in pyreegue quality for example.

Best LEZL airport at the moment for MSFS. Will be updated. MK-Studios is a very good airport developer

I bought LESO from them, I have an uneven runway in the touchdown zone of runway 22, I wrote to them and silence, no response.