Seychelles International Airport missing

Thank you for making a great simulator, however, together we can make it better.

I recently noticed that Seychelles International airport is missing. The only airstrip (grass) is on Fregate island for the entire Seychelles, where in actuality, there are at least seven airports on the Seychelles islands.

Will you please make that a point in for the next World Update?

Thank you.

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There is an existing megathread for missing airports you may wish to check here:

Reporting Missing Airports:

If you wish to report missing airports, firstly you can submit them with your feedback on Zendesk. You can then check the existing missing airport thread as linked above to see if the airports are reported there. If not already reported on this, reply to the topic with a single post adding the airport names, ICAO, latitude, longitude and Zendesk ticket number may be helpful. The megathread is also more for only reporting missing airports and should be kept clear of general discussion.

The #sdk-discussion:airports category is also more for discussion of modifying airports with the software development kit (SDK).

Closing as the best place to feedback this would be Zendesk and the topic linked above.