Shaking movement while in external view (VR)

Has anyone else had a problem with the external view in VR where everything shakes around like you are still in the cockpit view. instead of just the plane bouncing around a bit? It seems that this view is still tied to the internal view head shaking.
Has anyone found a workaround to this or is it a small bug?



I have had this issue since VR support first began. I have not found any workaround thus far. I’m tuning in to see if anyone else has ideas

This has been an issue since day one of VR support. Hopefully it’s addressed in an upcoming VR specific update. As you say the camera is bound to the aircraft in external view rather than the headset so any shaking of the aircraft shakes the view in the headset. The VR headset should always be the camera! Not much you can do until ASOBO address it.

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I don’t believe I have a solve for your question, but related to it, here are 2 bugs about this you might want to check out to see if you agree with:

[BUG/FEATURE] FS2020 is breaking the VR golden rule: don’t move the camera, the user is

[BUG] FS2020 using 3D cockpit camera in VR - wrong horizontal plane rotation (ex: FBW A320, SALTY 747, ASOBO 787, SDK SAMPLE)

Yes - this has been a feature since I first tried VR in MSFS. All propeller aircraft that I fly, stock and 3rd-party.

I’ve found this thread because I hadn’t seen any other reference to the issue which was a surprise because it is quite a major one and I was pretty sure it’s not just me!

If I get time, I’ll do a quick video of the effect but yes, as described by the OP.

While the shaking in the cockpit view is pretty realistic, nevertheless when you switch to the external view, EVERYTHING is shaking around. Not just the aircraft…which is shaking around to a degree that would immediately ground the aircraft in real life, but the static external view is shaking around too. It’s as if the propeller had lost a few inches on one side, rocking the airframe to pieces but the observer watching outside is doing so while sitting on a bucking bronco too!

By the way, folks… in most other respects I’ve had some of the best VR sim flights ever since a hefty hardware upgrade and the latest update.

So great work. Great progress. Already a great sim. But the external view, in VR when a propeller aircraft is on the ground, is presently unusable. And I had assumed the bug was already ‘on the list’. As soon as I find out how, I’ll add it.


I should add, this is ONLY when on the ground. The external view once in the air is, to my eyes, great - a proper chase view with the aircraft moving a small amount in front of you due to turbulence. Spot on :slight_smile:


Yes, this is correct. It’s very annoying when taxiing and you want to do so from external camera

My workaround:

In VR there’s a (sim) bug where in external view it shakes the whole world, not just the plane. The game defaults to some vibration at low RPM. To get rid of it, add [low_rpm_shake_scalar = 0] to the [PISTON_ENGINE] section of engines.cfg. It’s a scalar, so 0=no shake, 1=default, or you can reduce it (somewhere between 0->1).


Thanks, I’ll have to give this a try.


FINALLY… no external camera shake in VR!!!

I’ve only tried it on the JPLogistics C152 thus far but adding [low_rpm_shake_scalar = 0] (without the brackets of course) to the [PISTON_ENGINE] section of engines.cfg DID THE TRICK!

If I increase the RPM while parking brake is on and stationary the shake begins to slowly build, but that’s actually a nice effect. Same shake slowly builds if increasing RPM while taking off down the runway in external camera, but again that’s actually a nice effect.

The main thing is… NO MORE SHAKE when taxiing or idling in external view. Whew! What a relief. At last.

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Drove me nuts too. Glad I could help.

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This works for aircraft which have an engine.cfg file. Thanks a lot for this work around!

Is there a similar work around for those airplanes which do not have an engine .cfg file, like the Cessna Aerobat or the Beech Baron?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks Guilty for the link to this and BufordTX for the mod. Yes, this issue is very annoying in VR. I’ve tried it on a freeware plane downloaded from, it has an engines.cfg file and this mod worked. :slight_smile: . However some of the planes in the Official folder don’t seem to have that engines.cfg file. Haven’t spent much time on this, but I’ll dig around some more.
Thanks again guys.

Concerning the Asobo aircraft without any engines.cfg files… here’s what worked on my end for the Beech Baron:

There are several folders in the Official>OneStore folder named “asobo-aircraft-generic-xxx-xxx”, two of which are:


These folders DO contain “engines.cfg” files. I appears that aircraft that do not have the “engines.cfg” file may default to these “generic” profiles. So try adding the “low_rpm_shake_scalar = 0” line to the [PISTON_ENGINE] section of the cfg in those two “generic” piston profiles folders and see if the VR external shake goes away in the official aircraft that don’t have “engines.cfg” files. Not sure if this effects the “generic-turbo” folders as well, but it’s worth a shot if you see VR shaking on a turbo aircraft.

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Just tried it, the engines.cfg work around does work for the Beech Baron as well, going through the “asobo-aircraft-generic-piston-multiengines” . Great find. Makes all the difference in VR.

I tried a little trip with the Airbus Helicopter, and this make the world shake all the time when airborne. Useless as-is


This works perfectly for VR users! A little tip; you will have to add this line to all ‘engines.cfg’ files that have the [PISTON_ENGINE] group. You can easily find them all by performing a search for ‘engines.cfg’ under the Microsoft Flight Simulator folder. This way all of the available files will show in a list.

I’m flattered that his little workaround/hack was identified as a fix, but the sim bug is most certainly not fixed.

The idle shake is a neat detail that adds immersion. The VR bug means that instead of a little wiggle in the wings, the whole world experiences an earthquake, when in chase view. This workaround zeros out the vibration as a way to stop the earthquake, and has to be done for each plane, and cannot be done for the MS-encrypted planes at all.

The bug is very much still there! This workaround/hack should not be needed.

My concern is that this will get lost in the wilderness if MS thinks it’s been fixed.

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I fully agree with you. I have pulled the ‘solution’ check. We don’t want to give Asobo that false sense of resolution with this matter :wink:


I also experience wild shaking in the air when flying any helicopter in external view. Cockpit view is fine.
This is NOT normal and should be corrected.