Shanghai Pudong (ZSPD) is released!

A month ago, WF brought us high-quality VHHH. Today, they brought another high-quality ZSPD to our MSFS community.

Please note:
If you find that SIDs and STARs are missing in FMC. Please put the “wfscenerystudio-zspd” between “fs-base” and “navigraph-navdata” in your content.xml file.
It is recommended to install Navigraph data to solve the problem of ILS not aligning the center of the runway.


Who is WF? Where can I find their sceneries?

Well known developer in P3D world. SimMarket is your place to find them.

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As a thumb rule, always put Navigraph at the end of the Content.xml - this will ensure all your airports are getting up-to-date nav data!

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Finally ZSPD! Click on my profile! VHHH, WSSS, ZSPD are all well done! Now waiting for CYYZ scenery and, although unlikely, WSAP at some level of quality!

Nice! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

VHHH and ZSPD are huge airports. And they made them with such high quality.

Only downside is the price :joy:


A very beautifully made scenery, very detailed!

the only downside I found is that the aircraft type markings on the ground is very blurry

Good stuff. The biggest challenge I have, which keeps me from excellent international airports like these is, what am I going to actually fly there besides an A320?

I love having the opportunity to do long-haul flights from the States and arrive at proper airport scenery in some far-away locale. The current default heavies just don’t cut it for me so I have been reluctant to add int’l airport scenery. I know that won’t be forever though.

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Even with the Salty 747 and Heavy Division 78xh mods?

Very nice one. I hope they would bring VHHH and ZSPD to MarketPlace soon.

Shame. No SID or STAR.

There is a fix to that:

Unfortunately, this isn’t the developer’s fault. It’s one of the things that has been bothering me quite a bit. The sim has very outdated data for some airports, so every time an airport has a new runway, or something relevant about the runways changes, the sim will literally deactivate all the SIDs, STARs, and approaches.

Luckily, there are workarounds as mentioned by @BurstHalfling79, and hopefully the scenery gateway will help, but there has to be a better way.

The Heavy Division mod for the 787 has matured enough that it’s now quite usable. It’s not as mature as the A32NX (it’s also worked on by a LOT fewer people), but it’s at least a good stopgap until we get good payware long-haulers.

You can find it at their discord and here’s a good video about it:

Now, if only QualityWings bothered to tell us what’s up with their 787 that was supposed to come out by Q2, that’d be great :thinking:

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yesterday, the WF developer and we have worked hard, to solve this problem (also with their VHHH scenery) and we have fixed it.

So with one of the next updates I guess, you can also expect terminal procedures with these two sceneries without any workaround of changing something manually in any MSFS files. After the update, you should select SIDs/STARs/IAPs for both airports (also with stock data only, if available and complete, have only checked our data).

Just for info … cheers


This is very good news! Thank you! Will wait for the update and will gladly make the purchase.

All the nearby payware airports off the top of my head work well…

Japan(RJAA, amongst other world update airports)
and some others i cant think of atm…

@abriael, I’ll have to check out the Heavy Division mod. Last I flew the 787 from KLAX to YSSY it wasn’t actually that bad so will give the mod a go. I hear you on QW though. At least we know it is in the works but looking forward to it, too!

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