Shared Cockpit for more than 2 users

I know Asobo has intentions of adding shared cockpit, but will this include shared cockpit for more than 2 users? I can foresee older aircraft being developed for the sim, including those with 3 or more man crews. I was curious if shared cockpit would support those aircraft with 3 or more users, or if shared cockpit will only support 2 users per aircraft.

I’d say let’s do it one thing at a time. older aircraft with 3 crews would be useless if the aircraft itself doesn’t get the engineers proper simulated features for them to actually do them. It’s not about simply adding support for 3 people. But you also need to give a bit more information on how would that be designed. What are the things to be simulated for the 3rd crew to do? What happens if you fly that airplane on your own, would you have to still do what the 3rd crew’s responsibility? If so, how would you manage it?

There’s so many questions here on how to get it right. Simply saying “Can we get this feature?” with the hope of it would magically make it work without context. So if you want to sell this wishlist, you have to tell them the reason why they should add this feature, and how would the operational side of things would be if it did get implemented.

Shared cockpit for 2 crews is easy to do, because the default aircraft is designed to be operated by 2 crews anyway. But adding a 3rd crew needs proper reasoning as to why it’s needed.

I’m not trying to discourage or bringing down ideas here, I’m just trying to help you elevate this pitch to make it a much more compelling reason for them to actually consider it.


I’d propose to leave it to the host to determine what each crew member can do.
And yes! Allow the amount of people to join as you have seats (within whatever limits may be encountered due connections etc). That would let you add people for joyflights for example.

Add a first officer or a student (full access)
Passenger in any seat? (no access)
Friend who wants to help out with the radios? (radio access only)
Cabin crew seated in the cabin jump seats? (Doors and cabin feature access, PAs etc)

In the future:
Fire crews (access to drop)
Air to Air refuellers (access to boom, pumps etc)

Or here’s a more extreme example: Take some people up as a passenger for example, and then via the aircraft select menu (dev menu for now until a better interface comes along) they get changed to a parachutist falling from your aircraft position (shared cockpit session ended of course).

Once it gets started the possibilities could be endless.

Just came across this thread so I’ll add my two cents worth…

There have been lots of expressions of desire for ‘study level’ aircraft over the last 6 months. Well - if we are lucky enough to get any high fidelity simulations of larger aircraft even upto the end of the 1980s (and later for some) - we’re going to need at least 3 crew positions in a shared cockpit.

Okay, so I’m biased … as a kid, always wanted to be a flight engineer for some reason :laughing:

And now, flight computers took their jobs away from them.

As the navigators and wireless operators before them.