Shared Cockpit (no friends :()

Hey all is there a discord or something for people looking for pilots or FO’s in shared cockpit looking for someone to help teach me the intricacies of the 32nx

im from england if that helps


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Welcome to the community! :wave:

If you are looking for a Discord, I would recommend checking out the MSFS Official Discord if you aren’t already there. There are many fellow simmers there who would help you out with guidance.

I also believe @Bullhorns78 has hosted shared cockpit events in the past and there is a Discord server that may be of benefit.

Hope this is of some help! :slight_smile:


We are a bunch of people doing all sorts of flying, but we havent done much shared cockpit events the past few months. Mostly because it is very time consuming to organize on a larger scale.

Look us up though, and some of us will probably be delighted to do a one-on-one shared cockpit etc.

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Just dropped you a PM