Shimmer and blurriness back with vengeance

I am not sure if it was just a placebo effect from the lighting fix in hotfix #2, but after testing the sim in Reverb G2 for the last couple of days, all the shimmer and blurry scenery/cockpit in distance is back with vengeance. Trees are shimmering so bad and the edges of buildings are jagged and shiny that the sim just doesn’t look real anymore. What seemed to be a fix in the cockpit resolution is back to blurry mess.

It has been a year since the release of this sim, and I am just scratching my head what they have really fixed. More things are broken than a year ago, and the sim is really losing its luster as the most realistic and beautiful platform.

It’s been so frustrating.


Yes it is terrible. I have the same problems.


I believe we all do with the G2. It’s sad…

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We need more options like MSAA for the shimmers or at least some variables exposed so that we can tweak the TAA to get rid of the ghosting. There’s all kinds of perimeters to tweak TAA just need MS to give them to us.


I’m experiencing the same things and I’m scratching my head. Is it me? Is it Asobo? Is it HP? Is it NVidia? Is it Microsoft?
But when I think about how many variables are involved here, including all our various hardware configurations, game and software settings, internet connections, etc., it’s a wonder that we can play this thing at all.


There are some wishlist and bug items for more control of variables, you may want to vote for them here :


Let me get something totally silly out of the way first because it actually happened to me. At some point in my tinkering, MSFS actually turned TAA OFF and I didn’t catch it in the menu immediately. I was like, why is the shimmering so bad now??? So in your case I’m sure you checked already but just in case.

Second, I have had good result increasing the terrain LOD to 4 in the usercfg.opt, but that’s assuming you have a GPU that can take it (3070 at least I’d say).
Another thing that have caused me issues on the shimmering before: in nvidia cpl (assuming you use it), texture was set to performance instead of quality. In fact, resetting the nvidia to default and checking the sim might be a good idea too.

I know these are a bit trivial depending on our experience, but thought I’d share it anyway!
I should add that for me the shimmering has definitely improved (except menus and thin objects, as always).

Lastly, buildings seem to be particularly affected (grid/lines window patterns I’m guessing), so before changing anything give it a try in a rural area first and see if you still have bad shimmering.


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HP Reverb G2…never seen this before the update

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the airport gardener put some labels on the plants after SU5? :thinking:

I am on 6800XT OC to 2600Mhz and 10900K. LOD increase doesn’t fix the pop-in and draw distance issue. ASOBO decided to gain fps by limiting the draw distance and render scale father away. I have a very sensitive vision and have flown enough hours to notice the visual degradation pretty quick. And yes, TAA is on, but there is something really funky with AA that made this sim look like an alpha product.

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Fully agree - it’s broken, big time.
Sorry to hear the LOD increase didn’t help. VR is such a personal thing, we all have to find our sweet spot (especially on the G2 :grin:).

I’d say MS/Asobo have their work cut out for them, I’m eager to get confirmation on when they start to be serious about VR. I know end of 2021 was mentioned before. Let’s hope this step backwards doesn’t happen again - I still want them to bring us where we were pre-SU5 in terms of clarity.

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I’m trying to articulate an annoyance that I have, and this post seems to be what I’m experiencing.

Using a Reverb G2 with a 3090 the past few months I’ve noticed really annoying shadows on trees and buildings, that display a weird shimmery stereoscopic effect that looks to be causes by each eye rendering the shadows at a different brightness. If I close one eye the game looks fine, open them both and tree shadows appear to have a dull black and bright whitish shadow simultaenously that looks very weird.

I think this makes the distance look very pixelated and shimmery when in fact it isn’t at all.

Does my description resonate with other posters in this thread and do you think it’s the same thing?

Please vote / contribute on the below bug thread if you have shimmering/aliasing. (Note the votes were accidentally reset by a moderator at one point so please revote if yours was deleted)

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Yep, the shimmer is awful. Ruins the game.

Please keep discussing this issue here, this is the main thread for shimmering problems:

We need to keep that thread alive and reach a critical mass so people finally take notice…


Notice the same, i had difficulties flying more than 30mm.
The Sim is parked for me atm, flying on DCS until it gets fixed.
Really really disappointed
12600kf 2080 ti Quest 2