Shiny Airbus, Stormy Skies

Stormy real world weather in New Zealand made for some great cloudscapes today. My route was NZWN to NZAA with the Flybywire A32NX. Unfortunately I suffered a rare CTD on very short final- my first in months, so no shots from the landing :slightly_frowning_face:


Good Morning Kiwi Land !
Are those lovely Cloud Textures from Rex or Pre Set Pro ?
Regards from the UK.

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Hi again @WristyLawyer204. The clouds in this series are all default using real world weather. I find flying in early morning or late afternoon procedures the best visual results with middle of the day lighting often appearing over exposed.

I don’t own any REX weather addons but do have the SoFly Weather Preset Pro package which I often use when I want to fly with offline themes. One of my favourite payware purchases!

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