Ships drives backwards and so Waves not match

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Some of the ships drives backwards. It looks strange and in special with the new wave effects it is very noticable.

I noticed by Container-Ships and Oil-Tankers.
Smaller ships seems ok.

Assuming some of the models needs to rotate at 180deg.

note: ZenDesk ticket created: #171284

Steam Version , no scenery- or similar add-on installed which e.g. replaces ships ( mainly vanilla )

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This ship drive away from me:

This ship drive into my direction:

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Either that or it just launched two torpedos.


Backup quick! The fish were back there!!!

Maybe they just hooked up Jaws?

Seriously though, good spot.

Funny, but I found a mid size ship underway 4 nm on the 195 radial from Kalaeola Hawaii. But it was going backwards at 10 kts and no wake


Yup, for those who hadn’t already noticed many ships sail backwards in the sim! So far I’ve found more sailing backwards than forwards. This bug needs fixing please.

Could you state where and when you found this one please (the more precise the better)? Many thanks :slight_smile:

Also, where did that wake come from?! It is the first time I’ve seen such in MSFS!

Boats that move used to have wakes. Think it was only for one update then they went again.

Ships still going backwards:

That’s pushback.

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Hello, we were not able to repro the issue. Are there any other mods not specifically ship-related you have installed that could affect this? Thanks!

Hi Jummivana,

in my community folder is only the helicopter H135, and from market-place I own some airplanes, like the helicopter B-47 in the screenshot. So nothing related to ships. I also not installed these free Seafront libs from market-place, or others…

All the smaller ships, e.g. these private yachts, works well and affected are only these big ships - ensured this two kind of ships I depict in screenshot.

I can recheck it and record a small video.


I add a video where we see that yachts works well and these freigther not. I also added day-time at end of the video , because its seems these ships drives at specific routes. But it was, this time not easy to catch one of these ships and this time it was a container-freighther. The Oil-freighter was not moving at CYHC port.

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yes, I noticed the feedback-logged and was happy about. I wanted to give only additional informations because Jummivana mentioned its currently not reproducable :slight_smile:

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6 of 14 simobject boats have their 3D models oriented backwards in current release version and in current SU11 beta. Here is the list: CargoContainer01, CargoGas01, CargoOil01, CargoShip01, FishingShip02, FishingShip03.

Have 3D modeler flip the boat model and re-export.

To verify:
A: Look at the model gltf files through sneaky methods (FBW importer + blender 2.93)
B: Find one of those boats in the sim. For example through this method: Use devmode bar → simobjects statistics-> boat to see which simobject numbers use which models. Use the devmode bar → simobjects → boat → containers → view button on those specific boats simobject numbers to jump to it quickly and view it (in external cam, not devmode cam).

Screenshot 2022-10-15 095202


very thanks for that …

So seems I was right with necessary “rotate 180°” of some models. I just not knew where I can find and have a look at the 3d-models :slight_smile:


note: issue with 3D model present in SU11 too

Bow- and sternwaves of the ships at this moment even worse, not realistic.