Should I buy Captain Sim Boeing 777-300 from MSFS2020 Market Place? (Xbox series S)

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Hi there, I play MSFS on Xbox series S and I’ve a xbox gift card and I want to buy the Captain Sim 777 from it, so should I buy it or not?

It’s been awhile for me since I’ve flown anything Captain Sim related…

Not sure. Guess only you can make that call

ok but from the videos I’ve seen it looks pretty cool so I’ll get it and tell you if it good or bad

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If PC reviews are anything to go by, then it’s not a good experience. It uses a mix of default 747 and default 787 systems. It’s not an authentic let alone accurate 777 cockpit even visually. Now I understand the desperation for good airliners in Xbox land, so you may like it, if you are happy with a good external model. All reviews seem to suggest that the external model is quite good. But if you are looking for system depth and accuracy, nope.

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both Abhishek and StanbyMage are both correct:

If you don’t care about realism and full fidelity and just want some eyecandy? by all means it’s your money. Being that you’ve said you’re an xbox player, higher fidelity is not so available


oh ok ill just buy it

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You will regret it as soon as you look at the flight displays and see some puzzled together Boeing 747 screens, and four engines on the EICAS.
I recommend buying the one and only pure greatness the FENIX


Guy/Gal is on xbox. No fenix available. But still, I won’t advice to buy this. There are better options in xbox. If need a jet, get the FFX HJet. But I hear that one causes CTDs sometimes in Xbox.


That’s kind of a rough trade off, user wants to drive a proper truck/lorry and only a Transit is available?

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I agree with you. I too am on Xbox and I have the 777, but fly (as in this morning) the HJ. There are many issues with the 777, stick with the 787-10 if you can. No CTDs with it or the HJ, then again no third party airports installed!

DO NOT buy anything from Captain Sim. Its overpriced garbage. hell i dont even know why they are on the market place. There is a reason they are called Captain Sim.


I can recommend the Airbus A321 and A319 fro m LVFR. Since the number of CTDs seems to go down (I’m on Xbox Series X) the fun to use them has grown a lot.

how do I buy that one?

You don’t, because it is not available on XBox and never will be.

ok ill just buy captian sims 777

Even if it’s available on Xbox I’d avoid it. Basically all they’ve done is put a skin on the 747 to make it look like a 777. But all systems etc are as the 747. It’s a scam. Do not reward them for this kind of shoddy work. Wait until PMDG release their 777 – will be much more realistic and worthwhile.

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Did you buy it? I purchased it on Xbox when the dlc first came out on that platform.

As others point out it’s basically a 747 wearing a 777’s overcoat. However, I find it flyable. I’m not into “study level” aircraft, so things like the default A320 and the CS 777 is fine for me.

So long as you know what you’re actually getting I say get it.

I got it its pretty good but the engines dont even move its just a pic of the engines turned on in side the engines.

To be fair though, it is a nice bit of eyecandy, even though it’s not yknow…any good

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myb I should have listened to you but its not that bad tbh…