Should I download all the world updates even if I never fly there?

Is there any benefit at all to having the world update for japan installed when I exclusively fly in north America?
All I could see it doing is increasing my initial loading times.
Let me know what you guys think/do.

I’ve never downloaded the world updates for places I don’t fly.

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You should see faster load times, and some people report better frame rates without the EU/Japan world updates installed.

I have all of them removed…

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I just fly in the US and only have the USA Update installed. No issues here!

Same here - USA only, no other world updates. You could load the USA update and test where you normally fly and judge accordingly - you can always uninstall it.

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I’m having an issue with the updates, im on xbx and have the physical disk copy of MSFS, its all installed on external SSD. When I go to the updates or content manager it has ALL the region updates listed as partially installed with a downloaded update to be installed
I select each region I fly in ( UK, Northern Europe and USA) click the download button and they start to download but due to my area being the land time forgot my download speed is pretty appalling, anyway I leave them to download for a couple of days ( original install took 5 days to complete).
When it eventually says all selected items are installed and up to date I can finally take off and enjoy the amazing visuals. BUT…Next time I start MSFS it says I need to install all the regions again. :man_facepalming:
Aircraft updates don’t do this just the scenery and POI packs for each region.

Anyone else have this issue or any idea where I am goin wrong?

Many thanks in advance from a keen newbie simmer


Wow !

None of you ever fly anywhere other than N.America/USA? That’s pretty sad.
What about the Bahamas or Cuba?
Central America?

I realise it might be scary to see new things … but come on, there’s a great big world out there lol


Uhm… just a point … none of the places you listed have had world updates and would not be affected using this method.

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It’s cause I prefer to fly IFR of realistic routes airlines around me take.
To each their own!

Most of the World updates so far include sim fixes as well. I do not advise skipping them. In the future, if Asobo really manages to separate updates, you can skip WUs.

Airlines around you fly all over the world.

I’m on my second round the world tour.

Here is an example of what ca happen if you don’t install all the World Updates.

Some scenery / airport, made after another regions World Update, contain assets from those other World Updates. If not Asobo scenery/airport, certainly some addon products.

So, if you do not have the full compliment of Current World Updates, you might have some assets missing.

I’d like to see some evidence to back-up N6722C’s claims.

Not to pick on anyone, PE did a Fantastic Job with their Oshkosn Scenery - but here is a typical example

Example: 3rd party Developer Pilot Edge created scenery for their SimVenture Oshkosk event, and placed a 3D Model of VOR at the airport, to replace the Flat aerial photo image.

That VOR can from the Japan World Update.

So without the Japan World Update, you would not see that 3D VOR.

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The way the Series X is setup, games can only run from the internal ssd, the expansion cartridge ssd, idk about external its not supposed to be able to. That could be your issue.

I do not own an X-box, so I am only Guessing but -

  1. Far too easy to Clone external drives using another Windows machine !!

  2. There has to be something that locks an External SSD to a given X-Box, just as external Drives on a DVD cable box are locked to that DVR Box.

The WU’s are just scenery, those sim fixes they occasionaly tag on are separate files that you would only have to download anyway and they always get included in the next version. I certainly have no problems flying anywhere without the US, UK, Nordics and Japan updates if and when I visit those areas.


Guess I’ll install them today. Thanks

You don’t need to.

Sim updates are separate from world scenery updates and are loaded into the core sim, not the Content Manager.

I’d like to see some evidence to back-up N6722C’s claims.

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