Should I get the LVFR A321 or the A330

Just wondering which is better to buy on Xbox.

I have both and on Xbox so it comes down to flying and range. If you like long hauls like I do then get the A330. Either way you’re going to enjoy both!

Ok thanks. Is the 320 any good

The A320 is fine too, just that we are all waiting for the new A320 coming at the end of the month. It should be released with SU15 in a couple of weeks, so hold off purchasing if you can!

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As someone who likes to replicate real-world flights, the A320ceo is really useful. Especially in the US, where there are very few airlines operating the neo. Plus LVFR are about to drop another big update to the 320 (having done so already this week for the 319 and 321).

The LVFR 320 does of course piggyback off the default 32N (as do the 319 and 321) but is sufficiently modified to feel slightly different. It has a decent level of fidelity, a good exterior model (better than the current Asobo 32N) and great engine sounds.

The 339 is I’d say more refined since they couldn’t really use much of the default 32N cockpit for a wide-body. It does, therefore, have a custom flightdeck, although still loosely based on the 32N. It feels totally different, though — much heavier and clumsier. Great cabin (if that’s your thing) and, again, good engine sounds.

They’re two completely different aircraft. Only you can decide which is ‘better’. Fidelity-wise I think the 339 has the edge — at least until the 320 update gets released. On PC there’s a free 339 (by headwind) but the general consensus is that LVFR’s is better.

I enjoy both but if I had to say which I enjoy more, it’s the 339; simply because it feels so much different to the default 32N (which I’ve always found a bit ‘floaty’). I mainly fly the Condor liveries (green and blue variations included) between Germany and the Mediterranean holiday hotspots (real-life flights), since I’m not really into long-haul. The Iberojet and Air Belgium examples are also commonly seen flying within Europe.

Interesting. How is Air Belgium deploying their A339’s? I though they use it for long - haul exclusive?

Off all days, today there is a delay with the Marketplace :joy:. I’m eagerly waiting for the updates to the A319 and A321!

They are an ACMI outfit as well as service provider so the 330s get shuttled around Europe on lease a lot (usually back and forth to EGLL for BA). Same with Iberojet.

I see you finally got PHNL on Xbox, too! Lovely airport but not sure how it will run. Their OMDB is a bit stuttery on PC with lots of traffic so I’m not optimistic for Xbox. OMAA is far better, particularly with the Yas Marina add-on.

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Thanks for letting me know, any info on the when the 320 will be updated

Also does anyone know about the inibuilds 320neo release?

Ah thanks, good information about Air Belgium and Iberojet. Time to do some routes with them, because I’m not really into long-haul myself either.

Their A320 will get the same updates as their A319 and A321 today. A320 somewhere in the coming weeks, it’s already at Microsoft for testing.

Inibuilds A320 on April 30th for now, together with SU15.

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Ok. Lots of good things happening in the next couple weeks

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The LVFR aircraft just came off sale. If you get them discounted, they’re definitely worth it for Xbox, I think. The next big sale will be mid-summer but LVFR tend to have mini-sales quite frequently in the in-sim Marketplace.

Will the inibuilds a320 have a passenger cabin for Xbox

I’m not sure but I honestly wouldn’t get too hung up on the Ini A20N. It’s a freebie so I doubt it’s going to share a level of fidelity with the likes of their A300-600. I honestly don’t think it’ll be a great deal better than the current Asobo model — which being fair isn’t particularly bad, apart from the incorrect nose shape.

I think you’re beginning to talk yourself into the LVFR A339… :wink:

Unless you’re a stickler for authenticity, the base sim is going to have the A320 well covered once SU15 drops. I’m a bit fussy when it comes to exactly replicating real-world flights so an A320ceo is pretty important to me. But systems/performance-wise, there’s not too much difference between the two, in real life. More powerful engines is the main difference, obviously.

Your only A339 alternative on Xbox is the Asobo B78X, which is pretty good but likes to hit console users with frequent black avionics at third-party airports. Even on PC there’s only one (slightly inferior) alternative until the PMDG 777 releases.

I have the PMDG 736 and I love it, but I wanted to get an airbus but can’t decide. I want to get the 320 because I fly it irl, but also I’m wondering if I should just wait for inibuilds 320neo😖 So hard to decide!