Should I install the game on a seperate SSD?

Hi everyone,

I will finally buy a new laptop where I could play Flight Simulator. I would like to know if the game is too big to install on the laptop SSD (1 Tb) or should I buy another SSD to install the game?

I don’t know how big the game is with all the updates and mods that could be installed.

Thank you in advance.

No need IMO


It will fit just fine on a 1tb laptop, Ive had it installed on mine from time to time and no problems at all.


Ok thank you. Since I also use my laptop for photography and stuffs, I was expecting the sim to take half of it lol.

about 200 gigs or so no more unless you go nuts with the addons. Though big nvme drives are real cheap right now, so if you can afford it you might want to pick one up.

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